Who is taimak guarriello dating

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“Ten years after bursting onto the scene, Taimak was cast for Berry Gordy’s now classic ‘The Last Dragon’ as Bruce Leroy.He was quickly catapulted to stardom and a career that has spanned over twenty years. His memorable role as the kung fu wunderkind Bruce Leroy helped make the action film a cult classic.From acting to personal training, Taimak carved a path for himself that incorporated his love of performing and his martial arts expertise. TAIMAK GUARRIELLO: I’m Black and Italian, but the name Taimak comes from the Aztec culture. JET: When did you first start studying martial arts and which ones are you skilled in?In addition to his acting career, Taimak operated a gym on the Manhattan's East Side in New York city called Fitness Concepts, that he opened in 2002.

Working with Denise Matthews, Julius Carry, Leo O’Brien and the rest of the cast… JET: In 2011, you announced on the crowd funding site that you were working on bringing your screenplay to the big screen. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues. Gary Gray (Law Abiding Citizen); Quentin Tarantino and Alfred Hitchcock.*He’s been in the entertainment industry since he was 10 years old.But took a detour to become New York’s kickboxing champion.Since The Last Dragon, Taimak has appeared in a number of TV roles and over a dozen plays.Taimak later appeared in a number of TV roles and music videos including the lead male in Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait Awhile" music video, Debbie Allen's "Special Look" video.

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As he gears up to share his story on TV One's "Life After," caught up with the heartthrob to talk about the role that changed his life, surviving dark moments, and what really happened between him and his former leading ladies Vanity and Janet Jackson. ", I know I'm not perfect by any margin, but I do think I'm talented and can contribute as an actor.