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Who is r kelly dating now

However, he's just as infamous for his long history of alleged sexual misconduct, which has been something of public knowledge for 20-plus years.

Most of the claims center on his predatory pursuit of teenage girls, including Aaliyah, whom he fraudulently married when she was just 15.

Kelly is just a legend in the world of R&B, known for his songwriting and a long-running series of hits over a decades-long career.The singer also allegedly told the young woman he would help her build a career as a model and an actress.She then went on to allege Kelly invited her to his home in Georgia, telling her she had to wear 'something sexy'.They also claimed they had to ask to use the bathroom and were filmed during sex with Kellz. Kelly, through his rep’ and attorney, has repeatedly denied the ‘sex cult’ allegations and has threatened to sue those making such claims.Joycelyn came back blasting her parents by saying her dad was the one who sent her to live with Kelly two years ago and that her mother introduced her to Kelly backstage at one of his concerts. On a side note, a new report just came out confirming that Kelly’s upcoming concert ticket sales are still booming and have not been affected by the current scandal surrounding his name. ’ I Love Old School Music spoke exclusively to actress, Chrystale Wilson, best known for her role as “Ronnie” on the hood classic film, The Player’s Club.

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The unidentified woman took the offer and was thrilled to meet the then-49-year-old singer.

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