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Pattani has repeatedly been hit by waves of violence, including twin bombings in August.

Four flight attendants from the low-cost Thai carrier Nok Air recently took advantage of an empty plane to recreate Spears' iconic music video in honor of the pop star's arrival in Thailand, the latest in a series of viral "Toxic" videos.

Shoppers had already been evacuated from the Big C mall in Pattani after attackers set off firecrackers inside.

Pramote Prom-in, a spokesperson for the Thai military, said they were believed to be a distraction ahead of a car bomb detonated outside the entrance.

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Facebook has blocked users in Thailand from accessing a video that shows the country’s king strolling through a German shopping mall wearing a crop-top revealing his distinctive tattoos, accompanied by one of his mistresses.

The geo-blocking of the otherwise banal video highlights Facebook’s increasingly difficult position in attempts to grow its business abroad, often in countries whose strict local laws run counter to the company’s own stated goal of creating a more “open and connected” world.

The moment a bomb exploded outside a busy shopping centre in Thailand has been caught on video.

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The attack was blamed on separatist groups who have been waging a bloody insurgency in southern Thailand for more than a decade.