Thunderbird close applications updating

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Thunderbird close applications updating

If your mail server is slow, or experienced extreme peak times, raising the connection timeout setting might be indicated.When you double-click an email, or hit enter when the email is selected, Thunderbird opens a new email window.Looks fine no errors, but "thunderbird-bin" is still running an it gets about 85% cpu time.

At the top of the page are options for copying this info to your clipboard and for sending via email.

You can also display the installed add-ons and build configuration settings.

This section contains information about account names, connection type (IMAP, POP), authentication, and server names.

Thunderbird Connection Timeout setting is by default 60 seconds.

This should be plenty, most transactions with a mail server (excluding email download time) should happen in less than 10 seconds.

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Here's how to access all message headers in Mozilla Thunderbird.

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