Dating and schlurmann

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Dating and schlurmann

The urban context is highly complex, as cities consist of a large number of people living in close proximity and conditions of relative density and diversity in dynamically interrelated processes.

Esch German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD), German Aerospace Center (DLR), 82234 Wessling-Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany [email protected] — Urban monitoring implies multi-temporal observation and measurement of transformations or consistencies within cities.

As one data source, remotely sensed data are inherently suited to provide information on urban land cover characteristics, and their changes over time, at various spatial and temporal scales.

Analysis is based on first-hand ethnographic data from the center of a small Ebola outbreak in Luwero Country, Uganda, in 2012.

Egal auf welcher Seite des Hotels, im Bonn Marriott haben Sie immer einen einzigartigen Ausblick auf Bonn, den Rhein und das Siebengebirge.

Besuchen Sie uns auch in unserem Restaurant auf der 17. Mehr erfahren Ideale Lage am Rhein, direkt im ehemaligen Regierungsviertel Deutschlands und mit direktem Zugang zum World Conference Center Bonn und dem GOP Varieté Theater.

A Brief History of Forced Relocations from Sarusungu and Magarangandja in Rundu. (Eds.), (2016): Resistance along the banks of the Kavango River.

The Contract Labour System during the South African Colonial Period in Kavango. (Eds.), (2016): Resistance along the banks of the Kavango River.

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Three of this paper’s authors were engaged in an 18 month period of fieldwork on community health resources when the outbreak occurred.

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