Are piko and sekihan dating

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Are piko and sekihan dating

Once upon a time, there lived a kingdom known as the Utaite kingdom.

Where everyone who lived there were gifted with special voices of their own, whether it be vibrato, soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone; everyone lives in equal and harmony.

Pertemuan awal mereka menyebabkan keduanya tak sengaja diharuskan hidup bersama. Ever since she lost her parents, Miki's days have been gloomy, from dropping out of high school to working two jobs to take care of her four younger sisters.

Sebelum berdiri di hadapan ribuan penggemarnya, Sakata selalu mengalami demam panggung bahkan ketika waktu masih menunjukkan beberapa jam sampai konser digelar. Then one rainy night leads her to the care of Roro, a man who spends his internet days as an utaite.

His fans call him "Ryouseirui" In 2007 while browsing the music cover section of popular internet video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga, Piko's mother encouraged him to upload his own covers and he became widely popular on this site.

or Everyone has feelings for each other & theres a lot more emotional exploring than physical exploring.

Despite that drastic difference in height, I’m the older twin by five minutes. Last year of Junior High, and 24 students are placed together as a class under the ruling of Mayu, a strict teacher who enforces her rules as coldly as she can.

He’s the same age as me and taller by one damn centimeter.

His voice occasionally tends to waver when he sings in a way that gives it a very distinct personality and sound; however, he can also sing very smoothly and consistently, such as in his acapella cover of "Obsession".

Nipah covers many songs in both English and Japanese.

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Most of these (if not all of them) are also on my Wattpad, That Deformed Fukase.